Investment opportunities

Why Maldives?

The World Bank’s 2006 Investment Climate Assessment “Ease of doing business Index” ranked Maldives top in South Asia. The Maldives enjoys a stable and transparent legal system and policy making environment. A foreign investment law guarantees the security of foreign and domestic investments. Furthermore, the Maldives’ liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a climate conducive to trade and investment.

The Maldives is socially cohesive, with a homogenous population that shares one culture, religion and language. Furthermore, the Maldives enjoys political stability, as witnessed by the recent peaceful transfer of power to a new, democratically-elected President. A new constitution, enacted in 2008, that enshrines the separation of powers between the executive, legislature and judiciary, is testament to the country’s stature as a modern and forward-looking nation.

The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and dynamic workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives. The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives has been increasing yearly for over a decade and foreign companies now provide air transport, resort management, manufacturing, management and accounting services.

The Maldives aims to attract more foreign investment, with an emphasis on attracting investments that:
1. are capital intensive
2. enhance transfer of technology
3. introduce new skills
4. are environmentally friendly

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