Direct trade between the two countries was restored in 1982, but no significant trade was carried out for twenty years. In 2002, trade volume was US$ 2.977 million in total, and it has increased drastically since, reaching US$ 64 million in 2010. China’s major exports to the Maldives are rice and consumer goods, whereas the Maldives is exporting more and more of their marine products from their flourishing fishing industry to China, such as Yellowfin Tuna. Representatives from both countries continue to confirm their keenness to maintain this dynamic and successful trade cooperation, particularly in areas such as ‘fisheries, tourism, infrastructure and construction’. Maldivian Economic Development Minister Mahmood Razee confirmed in May 2011 that the Maldivian government is aiming to encourage private sector investment into other sectors, such as energy, health, education and commercial ports development, by carrying out a Public Private Partnership program.

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